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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  September 7, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon in hd. >> good afternoon. i am debra wiener. police are investigating an accident that sent a newspaper seller to the hospital. it started around 9:15 this morning were up as those for the regional auto theft task force noticed the -- officers for the regional auto theft task force noticed a stolen vehicle. the vehicle jumped the median strip and hit a man selling
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newspapers. we are told he is expected to survive his injuries. the accident is still under investigation. a school in white marsh had to be evacuated because of a gasoline smell. it is that the 1200 block of chesaco ave. officials say that bge is on at the scene and because it is still under investigation. a nursing home in northwest baltimore had to be evacuated earlier this month after the vacant building next what caught fire. it broke out just before 4:00 on hillsdale road and liberty heights ave. it escalated to two alarms but was contained within an hour. no one was hurt. the cause is unknown. baltimore county police are investigating a shooting involving one of their own. officers were called to the shopping center just before 8:00 a.m. monday for a report about a suspicious man. when police arrived, they encountered the suspect, who had parked his suv at side one of
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the stores. police say he was distraught and attacked the first officer, who had to use his patrol car door to fend off the suspect. >> there eventually was a struggle over the officer's weapon, at which time a second officer pulled out to the scene, observed what was going on, and shot the suspect in the chest two times. >> the officers involved are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. the suspect is at shock trauma in stable condition. elsewhere in the county, police have made an arrest in connection with a home invasion last month. 32-year-old lavar maurice rich was taken into custody. police say they were able to recover to numerous weapons that were stolen from the home, including a number of handguns and even a hand grenade. baltimore city police have juveniles and a custody in connection with a stabbing attack in the vicinity of penn
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station. the 37-year-old victim was attacked during an attempted robbery while he was walking on the 1500 block of st. paul st. fortunately, the injuries weren't non-life-threatening, and he is recovering at -- a hospital at or non-life- threatening, and he is recovering at hospital. a 20-year-old was shot about block of the 2000 baker street. he died at shock trauma. no word on a suspect or possible motive. >> after a bit of all holiday weekend with a touch of autumn in the year, -- beautiful holiday weekend without a touch of autumn in the air, summer is back 83 degrees at the top of the our at b.w.i. humidity not too bad. mostly sunny skies, high temperatures climbing between 85 and 90. average high temperature is 81.
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we will, and a few minutes and check the seven-day forecast and did you the latest on -- give you the latest on hermine. >> the church is sending students back to school with the best foot forward. they gave away schools in addition to school supplies. the pastor says the extra help will give an extra boost of confidence, and parents agree. >> it will be a big blessing, if you know, for them, not worrying about being picked on did not that it is a big issue, but some -- some kids get picked on because they did not have what others have. >> attended is claiming that someone is sub-in her camp -- a candidate is claiming that someone is subsidizing her campaign by destroying her campaign signs. she says that someone is using a razor to cut out the middle for signs. >> just a malicious act.
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the signs are part of the democratic process, part of running for local government and getting name recognition. it is really distressing that people would go to this link. >> she says that the signs should encourage people to vote, and replacing them will be difficult for her campaign. dozens of homes were destroyed as a wild fire burns out of control and the cult of the foothills. -- prints out of control in the colorado foothills. >> dozens have been lost in the sunshine northwest of boulder. more than 30 agencies have responded to the wildfire. state and federal help is also on the way. steep, rugged terrain makes it a difficult fight. >> contain and control is not being discussed. >> wind gusts said the flames rolling through the foothills,
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forcing 3000 people from their homes in the canyons and surrounding areas. >> it is hard, but it is what you live with living in the mountains, and everybody is doing the best they can. >> a huge plume of smoke could be seen for miles. tankers are expected to be back in the air dropping retardant, weather permitting. >> yes today -- yesterday, they dropped approximately 20,000 gallons of retarded. they will double or triple that today. -- gallons of retardant. they will double or triple that today di. >> coming up, a devastating fire in west region the claims the lives of more than two dozen -- in west virginia claims the lives of more than two dozen horses. and carrie engel from valley
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view farms is here to answer the plant and gardening questions. e-mail them to the
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>> more than two dozen horses are dead after a fire at a racetrack in west virginia's eastern panhandle. the fires are burning at charles town races and slots. witnesses estimate that the flames shot as high as 30 feet
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in the air. the value of the horses as not been calculated. investigators are trying to determine how this began. several businesses were destroyed in an overnight fire at a shopping center in connecticut. at least nine were damaged in the fire in hartford officials believe that it started in a restaurant. the cause is under investigation. crews in hawaii out a brush fire that came dangerously close to -- battled a brush fire that came dangerously close to eight high school. the area is extremely dry, which helps fuel flames. investigators are trying to figure out how this fire began. are you having problems in your relationship because of the food you eat? some advice on what to do when there is a food conflict. >> tropical storm hermine is
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onshore and moving through south texas. we will let you know when we can expect rain at home. there is a beautiful shot of one of the bridges. we had so many of them around here. >> carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer the plant and gardening questions.
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alert,"day's "medical you been irritated when your significant other takes food from your plate? whatever is, most of us at some sort of conflict in relationships over food. what do you do when they heat up?
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>> we do it three times a day, so it is no wonder that everyone has a complete when it comes to what or how they're significant other east. >> i decided to eat healthier and she was not too happy. >> i like a little bit of spice. >> they can go from the superficial conflicts to something more serious. they can truly affect our relationships. >> a lot of us have deep, emotional ties to food. >> this counselor specializes in eating disorders and says she sees trouble spotting over food on a regular basis. -- she sees couples fighting over food on a regular basis. >> what they need to do is find ways to understand what the problem is. >> after you have identified a problem, the next step is finding ways to empathize with
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the other person. >> if we can be and that that it with the other person and have some understanding -- can be empathetic with the other person and find some of the understanding of why they do things that they do, it is easier to resolve the conflict. >> we don't bicker over anything. >> for people who carry around serious baggage with food, it can be a make or break issue in the relationship. >> she says that if one or more people suffer from an eating disorder, professional counseling may be the only way to get around the conflicts. a new study finds that dental sealants designed to prevent cavities may expose children to a controversial chemical linked to health problems. it can break down when coming into contact with the saliva. they can spike 88 times higher
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than normal after a dental filling but then quickly drop off. doctors are not sure how much of the chemicals are absorbed into their body, but believe there is less exposure than plastics used in bottles and beverage cans. more americans are using emergency rooms to avoid long waits to see their own doctors, and that is driving up medical costs as much as $4 billion a year. overall, 27% of emergency room visits could be treated elsewhere, but only 17% could be managed during the hours other clinics are open to patients with minor infractions and lacerations' can be safely treated at hospitals -- treated outside hospitals. >> a warm afternoon, a little bit of a change from over the holiday weekend, when we had temperatures in the autumn-like range.
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today and tomorrow it will feel more like a summer. 82 degrees at the top of the hour at the airport. we should crews into the upper 80s this afternoon, just to give you some perspective. the average time is 81. there is a few high, thin clouds showing up on the satellite. no big deal there, no precipitation. but all of this is going to stay north of us for the time being. i know that we could use rain around here. it is in a couple of weeks since significant rainfall, i don't see that happening for a while. a cold front will sweep through here tomorrow, but it will lose a lot of this moisture. a 20% or 30% chance of a shower or thunderstorm as the front comes through. it will drop temperatures. they will go back to the 70's by the end of the week. this bunch of clouds at the bottom of the screen is the remnants of tropical storm
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hermine -- technically, it is still a storm. but it came on shore just south of brownsville, texas, late last night and is moving inland, bringing much-needed and beneficial rain. it will move into texas and oklahoma by the time we get into tomorrow and friday. computer models got a little bit of this moisture and hook it up with another system that may come through at the tail-end of the weekend until that time, the rainfall will be sparse. mostly sunny skies. it will be warmer than the last couple of days. sunset this evening at 7:28. partly cloudy skies, then a slight chance for a couple of rainshowers after midnight. low temperatures back into the upper 60s. seven-day forecast like this -- 20% or 30% chance of a shower or thunderstorm on wednesday. still warm, with a high near 87.
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more winter -- not winter, autumn-like air. i know, you guys are like, what? i skipped a season. nice start to this seasoned with sunshine and maybe some of the rain from the tropical system late sunday or monday. >> all right, tony. you scared us. you especially scared carrie engel year. >> you cannot do without the autumn. >> carrie engel is here to answer the plant and gardening questions. >> this one is called a believer. the whole justin bieber thing. >> you are still recovering. >> i love these. they come in orange and yellow and all that. these are kind of pink colors, and nice blooming for this time of year. >> are you calling that bloom? >> yes.
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>> this is purple. ravens purple. >> most roses are actually brooded on a separate rootstock. if you ever planted one, it is just about the root system. if it goes beneath that, you get wild rose a little bit. most of your better growth is going to come from above that grass. it is coming from below that, i would not borate -- would not worry about it or anything. compost -- it all comes back. a lot of what is wrong with them is that you are getting all the pollination.
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we did not have enough bees out there because it is so darn hot. that was mainly in july. it is just how this season ended up. i would try again next year. we still want some warmer nights to keep things ripening. if your plants are about right, i would go out there. >> get them before they split. at the last question is -- is this the one that is quickly? >> yes, and it gets a purple flower. i am not a big proponent of a lot of chemicals, but this soil is dangerous and i have no problems using clean up on it. you can take up a brush and use it straight.
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you can put on a heavy rubber glove and old sock in just wipe it with the stuff. you want to be really careful. >> this one is obnoxious? -- is noxious? >> it is a notch this week. get it before the seed head blows out. -- noxious weed. get it before the seed head blows out. always a pleasure. >> if you have a plant or gardening question -- up next, the maryland lottery numbers, and we will get another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast with tony. now i can stop pain from any angle-- with no mess.
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that and more at 5:00. and now you maryland lottery numbers. >> hello there. i am sarah fleischer from 98 rock. let's play pick 3 numbers. don't miss your chance for for 2010.ckets a2010 enter by september 8 at 8:00 a.m. bob diamond is all set with your pick four game. here we go.
12:27 pm is the place to find our latest exciting promotion. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> we had a glorious weekend, but summer is coming back. >> a lot of people don't want summer to go away just yet. >> i know, i know. >> today we are going to turn the corner and make it up to 80 this afternoon. all of you summer weather fans, at least today and tomorrow, in the upper 80s. we could use grain but there is only a 30% chance of that happening. thursday, 70's in the afternoon and overnight lows in the 50's. >> all right, thank you. thanks for joining us. watch tonight at 5:00 with donna hamilton and stan stovall.
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